Flora and fauna

The diving Goosander – flora and fauna

An exciting yet reasonably regukar visitor to New Mills the Goosander is a medium-sized duck and a member of a group called the ‘sawbills’ because of their long, narrow bills with saw-like ‘teeth’ which are excellent for gripping fish, especially the brown trout found in the River Goyt. This long sleek, streamlined bird, is perfectly

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Flora and fauna – Bird Cherry

The midpoint of the Sett Valley trail is a perfect place to stop and savour the delights of the beautiful Bird  Cherry tree. A tree that loves to grow near water, there are several dotted around here in the wet woodland  and by the stream bank.  A particularly lovely one lies in the field by the public footpath leading up to Hayfield Road. At the moment these trees are covered in clusters of creamy blossom which have a powerful scent of almonds.  Eventually the tree will develop black berries. Like most plants it had a range of uses in the past: its bark was once used to ward off the plague and its berries to dye wool. PC

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