Quiz it – What is it?

Quizit, you see it advertised every week and of course it’s a pub quiz, but what makes it special and different from other pub quizzes?

It’s mobile, it’s fun and it’s easy! – Utilising New Mills broad range of pubs and venues to offer a subtly different experience each time and help support these wonderful local businesses – over 4,000 people have attended Quizit since it first started, that’s a lot of people in a lot of pubs & venues.

The Pride of the Peak, The Royal Oak, The Hare and Hounds, The Masons, The Sycamore, Little Mill, The Printers Arms, The Torrvale Tap, The Rock, The Fox Inn, Miller’s bar, New Mills Cricket club and New Mills Golf Club.

Variety! – While we have a set structure for the makeup of the quiz, we have a number of quiz masters who bring their own personalities to the questions, meaning different teams will prosper each time

The quiz consists of a general knowledge “Bingo” round, where you have the additional chance of winning a prize if your team is the first with a line of correct answers. A picture round and a music round, so everyone can bring something to the teams efforts. Teams sizes vary from 2 to as many as 11, and entry is just £1 per person!

This is a great community event where you get the opportunity to meet new people and learn about things that are happening in your neighbourhood whilst helping local causes and charities, who receive all the money raised, indeed Quizit has raised more than £50,000 for all manner of local groups New Mills Festival, One World Festival, New Mills Carnival, New Mills Heritage Centre, Oxfam New Mills, New Mills Scouts, Friends of New Mills Parks, New Mills Walkers are Welcome, New Mills Women’s Group, Blythe House, New Mills Juniors Football Club, New Mills Art Theatre, New Mills Juniors Cricket Club, British Legion, New Mills Volunteer Centre, New Mills helping hands food bank, New Mills Foodie Friends Café to name but a few (if your group needs help raising funds please get in touch).

The winning team get the privilege of having their photo with the “Wise Owl Trophy” as well as £20 voucher for the following weeks Quizit venue.

There is also a raffle each week with lots of brilliant prizes, including the “Mystery prize box” which could have anything in, but that’s the risk you take if you choose it.

Why not come and put your grey matter to the test, everyone is welcome – you’ll find each months events listed here

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