Minutes 8th September 2021

  1. Present: Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, Lee Barratt, Emily Johnstone & John Reed
  2. Apologies: Jan Smith, Steve Wilson
  3. Minutes of 28/7/2021:
    The Minutes of the meeting of 28/7/21 were accepted as a true and correct record.
  4. Matters Arising
    ● Repair cafe – RAM’s emailed to us on 30.7.21 to use our PL, successful and received a thank you.
    ● Community cinema £4400 received from lottery fund 29.7.21, £1400 on new screen, Steve was featured in paper to thank lottery and advertise cinema. Halloween Cinema – post on VNM see what interest and move might like.
    ● Interpretation boards – Broken board needs replacing – sean to get a quote.
    ● Pat testing festoon, Andy Ohme – do on prom – try to do before the festival – check if they need to use it. – Sean to ring again
    ● LSO 4th Dec – quickfile – 3-4 stalls – Fire eaters/take part in art/Fosbrook/dance Academy/Jodie Marie/art theatre/let’s sing – use Sainsburys car park – Climbing wall agreed -Trevor to make space – Maynard Turkey – Steve to do adverts for programme, Lee put programme together , Emily poster design, John/lee – road closures. Sean/Emily – stalls
    ● Door 34 do want a bike bag – need quizit, do October
    ● Bounce back grant – Grant £3500, 3 pop up parks this month on the prom – VNM responsible to manage funding with HPBC bounce back grant.
    ● Cinema for All – Steve completed and sent results back to CFA
    ● 500 trees ordered to be delivered to Steve or John 1st week November and we will plant in Mousley Bottom, plant 2nd weekend of Nov
    ● CFR bid – next meeting 15th Sept, will update next meeting “Welcome back Fund Delivery Plan HP Visit New Mills” & “Service level agreement – Visit New Mills”
    ● Ask Craig to set up a Bike page on VNM, with map, bike bag details and cycle routes etc..
    ● Torrs Youth Festival – Form to complete for monies raised, better mix for older children/teens (ask youth club advise or to do a poll). Really successful event enjoyed by everyone, share final accounts when toilet collected.
  5. Correspondence:
  6. Finance Update:
    The current bank balance is £4067.81 in credit.
    ● Out – Cinema screen – £1400
    The money raised from Quizits
    o £317.26 to Stockport Samaritans for July,£511.76
    o Community cinema £146.70
    o New Mills litter picks party £109
    o Baby signing £115.50
    o Derbyshire LGBTQ+ £170.60
  7. Website Update:
    Website page views 5561 sessions 3777 in 30 days
    Facebook membership was 9633, Twitter membership 2161 and Instagram 2204
  8. Any Other Business:
    o Great response from local business for quiz it prizes.
    ○ When should we remove the flag – maybe take down with bunting- Businesses to store their own flag poles
    ○ David want container back – Feestons, gazebos and flags
  9. Date, time and place of next meeting:
    7th Oct 7.30pm – at quizit pub for that week.
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