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Fitness in Mind
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Training that puts you first. Physical strength, builds mental resilience.
Stable Yard – Swan Inn, Buxton Road, Newtown, Cheshire East, SK22 3JS
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At Fitness in Mind we care about so much more than how you look physically. For us exercise is the best way to challenge yourself, a way to strengthen your resilience and push yourself to do things you never thought you could. It’s about finding something you love to do and pushing yourself to do it better. It’s about feeling strong and confident in your abilities. It’s about knowing that you can do anything you set your mind to. We work with each of our clients on a personal level to help them overcome any hurdles that might stand in the way of their goals.
Meet Geo, the is driving force behind Fitness in Mind. In 2018, she bid farewell to her career in graphic design to pursue her passion for empowering others through fitness. Geo discovered a connection between exercise and mental well-being, a revelation that fuelled her desire to share the power of fitness with the world. In the same year, Geo founded Fitness in Mind, a fitness business dedicated a holistic approach to exercise. Through a diverse range of training styles, she aims to provide a fitness journey accessible to anyone who wants positive change, addressing both physical and mental well-being. Geo is not just a fitness enthusiast; she's a dedicated coach who loves seeing the positive impact exercise has on the lives of members.
Level 2 Fitness instructor
Level 3 Pre and postnatal qualified
200hrs Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

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07500 571674
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