Transition New Mills

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The aim of Transition New Mills is to re-imagine and rebuild our world for a changing climate, and to create a resilient, sustainable and ethical future for New Mills.
In order to realise this vision, Transition New Mills is working towards the following aims:
  • To apply our collective understanding to find better ways of living in the face of a changing climate.
  • To foster imagination and creativity in constructing a vision for a resilient, sustainable and ethical future for New Mills 
  • To turn our vision for New Mills into a tangible reality by supporting projects, practical actions and awareness campaigns, and engaging with diverse organisations, statutory agencies and businesses.

The projects that we are involved in are:

  • New Mills Repair Cafe
  • Nature New Mills
  • Bounce Forward
  • Pedal New Mills
  • Transition Discussion / Reading Group
  • Cafe Transition
  • Bring and Share

Details of our Community Conversation held in March 2020 can be found here:

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