Torrs Hydro

torrs hydro

Torrs Hydro is a micro hydroelectric scheme, owned and operated by the community in New Mills.

Since its commissioning in 2008, it has become famous as the first community owned and managed scheme in the UK and has also become a magnet for community events – Youth Festivals, Open Days, Art work and is visited by many thousands each year.

It is located on the River Goyt, immediately after its confluence with the River Sett at the Torr weir.

A 2.4 metre diameter reverse Archimedes screw turned by just the weight of the water passing down it is capable of generating up to 63 kW of electricity.

Torr weir was built across the Goyt in the 18th century to provide a head of water for Torr Mill which occupied the same site. Torr Mill burnt down in 1912.

On 20 September 2007 Torrs Hydro New Mills Limited, a Community Benefit Society was formed. Shares were offered later in the year with over £120,000 raised. Construction began in March 2008, and on 8 June the screw was delivered, watched by hundreds of local people. It weighs 11 tonnes. Commissioning started in August and the scheme was handed over on 4 September 2008.

Torrs Hydro is located in the Torrs Riverside Park in New Mills, Derbyshire. This amazing gorge is right underneath the town centre and is easily accessible by train to New Mills Newtown or Central stations, bus or car.

Enter the Torrs Riverside Park from The Rock Tavern (Wirksmoor Road, Newtown), from New Mills Central station via the Millennium Walkway (go upstream), from Hurst Lea Road, via steps from the town centre at the bus station or Rock St (go upstream), from Hyde Bank Road and from Church Road adjacent to the entrance to the Co-Op Car Park (Endsor Way on the map) both downstream.

There are great views of the scheme from the Union Road and Church Road bridges over the gorge.


Way to access the torrs – map and text guide 06TorrsAccess.pdf

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