Meeting Minutes for the meeting on 2nd July 2023

  1. Present: Zena Aris-Sutton, Steve Wilson(SWI), John Reed, David Aris-Sutton, Edit Zsibrita & Iain Moore
  2. Apologies: Sean Whewell(SW)
  3. Minutes of 26.3.23 – The Minutes of the meeting of 26.3.23 were accepted as a true and correct record.
  4. Matters Arising
  • New volunteer Edit to join VNM as officer- John proposed, Iain Second
  • Quizit hit £50k in June 2023
  • Quizit special at Thornsett Brewery, great success, going to do again next year and maybe ask Torrside brewing too.
  • Digital notice board update
    • Agreed Go ahead and order all three screens, install Rock Mill 1st to test Notice and timings. John proposed, edit 2nd, all voted to go ahead.
    • Advertise the notices board for people to plan to submit for September.
  • Funding
    • HPBC – for carnival evidence submitted
    • Sainsburys charity of the Year. Zena to check
  • Banners alternative to A0 posters (LSO)
    • Maybe bigger? for LSO and one bigger for Carnival? Zena to check
  • Carnival feedback
    • More HPBC bin (big Bins)
    • Trade waste – need to be clear in contract – signed and they no longer invited if found leaving trade waste
    • Secure the lids and bin bags, Gloves for litter pickers
    • Swizzel car park – needs marshall from NMC
    • Derbyshire 4×4 – might do road closures for us for all events. David to follow up.
    • Back union road and Victoria St. Rock st and Rock mill lane(besides Pride of peaks) needs to be included on road closures in future events.
    • Window judging – Clear with Deadline
    • Prefilled – windows/parade on forms
    • Swizzels, caused a big gap, put near end.
    • Arena seems bigger.
    • Can we consider ending at Ollersett fields? – getting feedback.
  • NM community cinema – St.George’s Parish hall would like up to £200 for heating – Will give money but want the option book in advance.
  1. Correspondence:
    • None
  2. Finance Update: The current bank balance is £11,290.72 in credit.

The money raised from Quizits

  • New Mills Golf Defib £145.00
  • VNM Event Insurance £258.00
  • New Mills Hanging Baskets £151.00
  • Carers Connecting SEN £147.00
  • Blythe House Hospice £172.00
  • Friends of New Mills Stations £151.00
  • youth matters cic £220.00
  • new mills carnival £211.10
  • one world festival £104.00
  • birch vale & thornsett cricket club £132.00
  • beardwood natural project £179.00
  • defib @hare and hounds £130.00
  • NMUMC defib £230.70
  • New Mills women’s cricket club £200.10
    • Sustain Video offered £250 for Digital Notice Boards.
  1. Media Update:
  • Website page views TBC, sessions TBC versus previous 30 days
  • Facebook membership was 11,118(+1.7%), Twitter membership 2232(+0.04%) and Instagram 2498(+4.2%)
  1. Any Other Business:
    • Flags – Take down flags early September
    • Locations for feestons, go up 1st week November- used to be simply indian.
    • New Flags – Better quality – lyn had contact that can screen onto better material(maybe used weights)- Flag Poles need for some businesses – check quantities – Iain will start to look into this.
  2. Date, time and place of next meeting: September 5th 7pm – venue TBC
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