Spring Bank Arts

The small Victorian chapel-of-ease has served the community of New Mills well for nearly one hundred and thirty years. However it no longer has a viable congregation and has now been made redundant as a place of worship, the focus of Church of England membership being concentrated on the Parish Church of St George on the opposite side of the valley.

The church has now developing a second identity as an important community space. The Trustees organise a programme of evening concerts, plays and recitals throughout the year for the enjoyment of audiences and in order to raise funding for the project.  Several local community groups have made the church their base and the New Mills Community Festival, recognizing the potential of St James’ as a performance venue, has used the church for festival events.

Now that the project is up and running there are a range of activities seven days a week, with clubs and organizations making it their ‘home’ for practices and performances, groups using the space for meetings in the daytime and regular concerts, productions, film shows and exhibitions.

Venue for Hire – Both the Mackie Hall and Ingham’s room are available for hire. The Mackie Hall measures approximately 130 square metres and the Ingham’s Room approximately 22.5 square metres. The rooms can be hired separately or together at a discounted rate.   Rooms are charged by the hour with a lower rate during the day and a higher rate during the evening (6pm onwards) and at the weekends. Other items may be available by arrangement such as DVD player, monitor, WiFi, Flip chart etc. Performance booking negotiable.

Spring Bank Arts Centre, Spring Bank, New Mills High, Peak Derbyshire SK22 4BH – 01663 308202 Mon to Fri 9:30-12:30





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