New Mills Repair Cafe

The New Mills Repair Cafe was formed in 2019 when a small group of local residents – in collaboration with the New Mills Volunteer Centre, Visit New Mills and Transition New Mills – came together to co-create what soon became a regular fixture in the Town’s calendar.

Our motto is Let’s Fix Things Together and it was very popular right from the start with people queueing outside on the first couple of dates. We’ve fixed all sort of things – bikes, watches, clothes, toys, radios etc – and have stopped each of them being thrown away, which is very gratifying.

We always wanted it to be a social event as much as a place to get repairs – a place for people to connect and have a chat. And we have a wonderful team full of wonderful people – they are what make the Cafe such a success. The Cafe takes place on the last Saturday of each month at the Volunteer Centre – all repairs are free, so bring something along or just pop in and say hello!

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