Minutes 16th June 2021

  1. Present: Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, John Reed & Jan Smith
  2. Apologies: Beth Atkins & Lee Barratt
  3. Minutes of 10/5/2021:
    The Minutes of the meeting of 10/5/21 were accepted as a true and correct record.
  4. Matters Arising
    ● Mark Jones was invited to speak to the group but declined.
    ● Bank Account – Sean to send links to all https://www.co-operativebank.co.uk/assets/ns/bank/pdf/business/customerservices/managingyouraccount/change-of-signatories-and-authorised-users.pdf
    ● Interpretation boards – Train stations email 12.5.21 – no response
    ● Cinema Screen Grant – had grant for £200, bursary for £200 (attend 3 times 90 minutes workshops) – Sean attended 1 so far Would like 300 Inch screen
    ● Table tennis table – now at St.George’s Parish Hall and being used by Youth Matters
    ● DBC Certificates – John and Lee to complete theirs
    ● Proposed committee member – Steve Wilson, all 4 attendee’s agree for Steve to become an officer.
    ● Bike rack Map –Sean add Bike bags to map with new icon, Add to VNM website – Same with Map locations
    ● Bake bag – ask if Door 34 cafe would like one.
    ● New Mills Youth Festival – £100 sponsorship A.Allen & son, £1000 grant from PCC, Bryn/Adam doing music, site walk 27th June 7pm with as much of group as possible
  5. Correspondence:
    ● Easy fundraising payment £27.50
    ● Thank you from Youth Matter for Quizit donation
  6. Finance Update:
    The current bank balance is £1382.61 in credit.
    ● Out – £299.46 for 6 replacement flag poles
    ● Out – £1256.85 Pride flags
    ● In – £1500 crowdfunding for pride flags
    The money raised from virtual Quizits in Paypal for VIRQUIZ
    o £123.01 to Youth Matters for May
  7. Website Update:
    Website page views 3388 sessions 5018 in 30 days
    Facebook membership was 9595, Twitter membership 2130 and Instagram 2176
  8. Any Other Business:
    ○ Wrote 2 press releases for Review, one Youth Festival and 1 for LGBTQ+, given £75 for these
    ○ HPBC bounce back grant, Lynsey Wetton asked if VNM has any idea, NMF joint application for £3500, advertising, entertainment and events.
    ○ Maps – got 2nd lot and already been put in locations around the New Mills.
  9. Date, time and place of next meeting:
    28th July 6.30pm – location TBC

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