bonfire1New Mills Town Council run an annual bonfire and fireworks display on the first Saturday of November in High Lea Park starting at 7:30pm

The event is free and is funded by the Town Council and managed by council staff with volunteers helping the crowd control.

On the same evening there is usually live music in local pubs, cafes stay open late and a ‘music train’ running meaning the thousands of extra visitors to the town can be entertained and well fed and watered.

As the event is extremely busy visitors should either use public transport or park in the public car parks in the town centre as parking restrictions will be in place in the streets near to High Lea Park.



High Lea Park – Home of the biggest free bonfire in the High Peak.

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  1. Thisis usually a very good firework display – better each year I’ve been attending it. I’ve been attending since 1989. The bonfire is good too. The only down side is if it has been wet the ground can get very slippery, so you need to wear the right footwear.

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