Meeting Minutes on 10th August 2022

Meeting Minutes on 29/6/2022

1.Present: Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, Steve Wilson, David Aris-Sutton, John Reed, Amy Pinner & Jill Wellington

  • 2. Apologies: Emely Johnstone, Jan Wootten

3. Minutes of 29.6.22:The Minutes of the meeting of 29.6.22 were accepted as a true and correct record.

4.Matters Arising 

  • Update Natwest bank address still outstanding and Invoices and any correspondence through QF to Zena’s at 53, Beech Ave, New Mills, SK22 4HU. – SW
  • Forward or oOO for email
  • 500 trees planted. SW – corresponded with contact at swizzels as owned by them, path next to swizzels carpark – get trees free this time from woodland trust, making application for March 23, Nov 22. Ask on VNM if anyone knows of location for 250 minimum, have to check viability before commitment. _ ZRA to do.
  • Dancing turkeys to book for LSO 22
  • John Reed will do the collating of quizmaster, Steve has the PA.. John asks Chalkers if they want to host.
  • Choose where we get our Xmas tree from – DAS to ask SNS trees for quotes for the tree, installation and w/wo lights.
  • Community Cinema and speaker wire to full screen – approx £7

5. Correspondence: None

6. Finance Update: The current bank balance is £7994.06 in credit.

The money raised from Quizits

  • One world festival £144.50
  • St George’s Toddler & baby group £118
  • Kinder Mountain Rescue £112
  • Visit new Mills £175.70
  • Storage space £161
  • Friends of Rowarth £160

7.Media Update: Website page views 6575, sessions 3815 in 30 days

Facebook membership was 10,171, Twitter membership  2219 and Instagram 2326

8.Any Other Business:

Torrs Youth Festival – 

  • Food – curry buns, doors 34, epic pizza, zoppis ice cream, Bakes & bar 
  • Location – Torrs hydro footprint
  • NMTC – TYF, cut back grass
  • Entertainment/stalls – sue fee circus, maynard flip flap, army cadets, scouts, Blue star medical. Youth matters, walkers are welcome – bugs, rock climbing(SW), Derbyshire sex ed, fire brigade, Hayward Animals, pipsy puffin art, zappy facepaint.
  • Bryn and Adam – 
  • Sponsors –  swizzels  Allen & son, Sutherland reay, Youth Matter CIC
  • Portaloo – ZA
  • Collection buckets & Tens – permits received from HPBC
  • Put buckets with Climbing wall, youth matter, painting, maynard, bubbles, 

VNM website updates

  • Added Under “things to do”: 
    • park & playgrounds,
    • Nature reserves sections, 
    • Sett valley trail, 
    • the talking pipe, 
    • New mills art theatre, 
    • Quizit, 
    • New mills community cinema
    • Duck race
    • Torrs Youth Festival
    • New Mills Library
    • Sports & Fitness: Leisure centre/ NM Juniors
  • Added Under “Places to stay”:
    • The little Mill inn
    • The bike shed
    • Haybarn
    • Caravan site – Marina
    • Lean to House – Torr vale Mill
    • Manager’s Suite- Torr Vale Mill
  • Added Under “Eating & drinking”:
    • Little Mills Inn Restaurant
    • Pride of the Peaks Restaurant
    • The Shrub Club Restaurant
    • A Tavola Gastronomia Siciliana
    • The Fox Inn
    • The Beer Shed Micropub
    • Chalkers Pool & Snooker club
    • Miller’s Bar
  • Added Under “Community groups”:
    • New Mills Repair Cafe
    • New Mills and District u3a
  • Updated (links, photos, details)
    • Places to stay, 
    • cafes, 
    • pubs, 
    • restaurant, 
    • Walks, 
    • Churches, 
    • Community groups

Lyn – Wood street – more formal to replace consumables such as bin bags and toilet roll.

VNM bags we have gone through a couple hundred in the last 2 years.

Funding for LSO – Sean to send lis and then we split

9/ Date, time and place of next meeting: Monday 12th september 7pm – Zena’s house.

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