Thornsett Band

For the first time, this years Xmas Light Switch included Thornsett Band in their classic red jackets. What do they do in their band room in Thornsett?

A typical brass band rehearsal will involve playing a mixture of new and familiar pieces as Matt Gee, the musical director, works with the players to build up a concert programme focusing on improving the playing. What might surprise a newcomer is the level of laughter there is, the way young and old mix and how good the cakes at the break are.

Thornsett Band practise

As well as the Christmas Light Switch on you will see them playing in Hayfield regularly.

Thornsett Band always have space for new members; they practice weekly on a Monday night, with a learner band at 6pm before the main band practice at 7pm. They can take any level of player, offering free instrument loan, tuition (and cake).

Contact Dave Ford on 07926 151252

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