Reporting faults to DCC

Road condition – Report a pothole or general road condition issue.

Road signs and street furniture – Report a road marking, traffic sign, bollard or safety fence issue.

Drainage, flooding and ironwork – Report an issue with a drain or flooding.

Pavements and cycleways – Report a pothole, pavement condition or issue with kerbs.

Trees and vegetation – Report an issue with grass, hedges, trees or weeds.

Traffic signals and crossings – Report an issue with permanent or temporary traffic signals and pedestrian crossings.

Gritting and grit bins – Report an issue with our winter service.

Public rights of way – Report an issue with a public right of way.

Structures – Report an issue with a bridge, retaining wall or rock face.

Highway request –  Request alterations to our highways network to improve road safety and the flow of traffic.

Street lighting and illuminated sign or bollard – Report an issue with a street light, illuminated sign or bollard.

Street cleaning and obstructions – Report an obstruction, fly tipping, spillage, debris or graffiti.

Bus stop, shelters and real time information – Report an issue with a bus stop, shelter and real time information.

General problems – Report a general issue or see our full list of services.

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