Local Schools – Quick Contact List

Local Schools:  Phone, Email & Web Site Links

Primary Schools

St Georges Church of England (V.A.) Primary School Tel. – 01663 743222, http://www.st-georgescofe.co.uk/ Email: info@st-georgescofe.derbyshire.sch.uk

New Mills Primary School Tel. – 01663 744453, http://www.newmills-pri.derbyshire.sch.uk/ Email: enquiries@newmills-pri.derbyshire.sch.uk

Hague Bar Primary School Tel. – 01663 762203, https://www.haguebarprimaryschool.co.uk/ Email: info@haguebar.derbyshire.sch.uk

Newtown Primary School Tel. – 01663 744358, https://www.thornsett.derbyshire.sch.uk/newtown-primary-school, Email: info@newtown.derbyshire.sch.uk

Thornsett Primary School Tel. – 01663 744391,https://www.thornsett.derbyshire.sch.uk/thornsett-primary-school, Email: info@thornsett.derbyshire.sch.uk

St Mary’s Catholic Church Primary School Tel. – 01663 742412, https://www.stmarysnewmills.srscmat.co.uk/ Email: info@nmm.srscmat.co.uk

Hayfield Primary School Tel. – 01663 742357, https://www.hayfieldprimaryschool.org.uk/ Email: office@hayfield.derbyshire.sch.uk

(Note – Some New Mills Children attend Hayfield School and some Hayfield children attend New Mills Schools)

Secondary Education

New Mills School  Tel. – 01663 743284, http://www.newmillsschool.co.uk/ Email: enquiries@newmillsschool.co.uk

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