Minutes 8th March 2021

  1. Present: Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, Jan Smith, Lee Barratt, John Reed
  2. Apologies: Beth Atkins
  3. Minutes of 11/1/2021:
    The Minutes of the meeting of 11/1/2021 were accepted as a true and correct record.
  4. Matters Arising
    A. Bank Account – Zena forms sent to co-op, still Barry Bates to be removed at a future date.
    B. Interpretation boards – Boards up in Torrs top carpark, Bus station and near heritage centre, still to place in 2 train stations – Sean to chase up.
    C. Co-op meeting – Live Local March – Want to do monthly meetings, Fairtrade town group going to do VNM article, weekend slots available in store to promote in the summer once
    D. Storage – Some equipment flag poles/frames moved somewhere as a temporary measure, Sean tried swizzels but they don’t have room, Thornsett Farm no space – Sean to see where at with Lyn
    E. Quizit – Keep virtual until at least June will review at next meeting against government guidelines, consider half & half pub/virtual
    F. The Covid Journey – HPCVS – Sean attended, hearing from groups on challenges due to Covid, how to get updates to groups as things change with roadmap out of lockdown. Have follow up meeting 4-6 weeks, good network.
    G. Bin labels and Anti-litter posters refresh – Zena to check current bin labels that need removing and best approach, liaise with Jan. Posters – Sean and Lee to do Castle edge Rd etc., Jan do some on walks out.
  5. Correspondence:
    a) Youth Matters New Mills – Catherine Fynn want to help with Youth Festival, Maybe August/Sept 2021 review next meeting, invite to next meeting – Jan to action
    b) Members of HPCVS – Paid £10 annual membership, so can join future meetings
    c) Thank you crossroads for donation 14/1/21
    d) Thank you from Tiny Tickers for donation
  6. Finance Update:
    The current bank balance is £2151.66 in credit.
    The money raised from virtual Quizits given: £139.38, £39.12, £24.55 currently in Paypal for VIRQUIZ
    o £100 to Tiny Tickers for Feb
    o £150 Blyth House hospice for Jan
    ● £290 to Insurance for Public and employer liability insurance
  7. Web Site Update:
    Website page views 3101 sessions 2282 in 30 days
    Facebook membership was 9370, Twitter membership 2112 and Instagram 2089.
  8. Any Other Business:
    a. None
  9. Date, time and place of next meeting:
    26th April 2021 6.30pm – online TBC
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