Watford Lodge Nature Reserve

Watford Lodge Nature reserve, Bridge St, New Mills, High Peak SK22 4HN

Once supplying water to a printing works, it is wetland area providing habitat for frogs, toads and smooth and palmate newts. It is also home to numerous ducks.

It is also an ideal place for birdwatchers, with birds attracted by the neighbouring river, several bird species have been recorded, including tits, thrushes, nuthatches and little and tawny owls.

As well as the Lodge, the reserve contains an area of grassland, attracting a range of butterflies and insects.

 It is home to serval Habitat piles.

Habitat pile – Wildlife habitat piles are deliberately constructed. They are built with small trees, limbs, and boughs – often with materials that are a by-product of management activities or storm-related debris. These “critter condos” provide some of the functions of large down logs found in older forests.


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