Safe Spaces

A Safe Place offers help if someone is anxious, scared or at risk while they are out and about and need support.

Safe Places are public buildings in towns and communities across Derbyshire, such as libraries, shops, pharmacies and GP surgeries. They have stickers in their windows so you can see that they are part of the scheme and know you can go in and ask for help if you need to.

Your safe spaces in New Mills are:

Arden House Medical Practice
New Mills Leisure Centre
New Mills Library
Revive Hub
Youth Matters
Volunteer Centre
Mind Charity Shop
Sett Valley Medical Practice

The Little Mill at Rowarth

Keep Safe Cards
Keep Safe Cards are available to all adults who live in Derbyshire. Vulnerable young people aged 11 to 18 can also apply for a Keep Safe Card, once they have received instructions from an adult about the use of the Keep Safe Card, the Safe Places mobile phone app, and the purpose and location of Safe Place venues.

The card has space for you to write your name, the name and phone number of a family member or carer and anything else a person might need to know about you.

If you’re out and about and you need help, you can take the card to a Safe Place to ask for help.

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Safe Spaces
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