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Our community is a vibrant place to live, work, and play. With a rich history rooted in mills, our town has grown into a bustling hub of activity where people from all walks of life come together to connect, socialize, and make memories.

From festivals to carnivals, there are always events happening that bring us together as a community. These occasions not only showcase the best of what our town has to offer but also provide opportunities for residents to forge new friendships and connections with their neighbours. Check out the regular Community Events here.

Despite its growth over the years, our community has managed to maintain its small-town charm and friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re grabbing coffee at the local diner or catching up on the latest gossip at one of our many parks or recreational areas, you’ll find that everyone is eager to welcome newcomers with open arms.

Here are a list of many of our local community groups, if you want to get involved, if any are missing feel free to email us with details at visitnewnills@hotmail.co.uk

Education and Hobbies

Whatever age you are, you can learn new skills, gain qualifications, develop your own personal skills, and make lots of new friends by participating in the educational and recreational opportunities on offer.

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A number of groups exist to provide support and activities for parents, children and young people.

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There is lots of music-making going on in New Mills and concerts for you to enjoy. Visit these pages if you are interested in joining one of the regular groups. Kinder Ringers New Mills Band Thornsett Band

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    My name is John Simpson and I have prepared a booklet of 9 walks starting and finishing at New Mills Central station. I have previously had printed booklets for Romiley station (4000 copies) and Marple station (3000 copies) through the Friends of … organisations. The booklets have been made available free of charge to encourage people to walk more and also to use public transport wherever possible. Funding has previously been obtained from the Co-op Bank and Community Rail. Hundreds of hours have been spent in putting the New Mills booklet together by myself and helpers who have checked the descriptions of walks for accuracy. New Mills Ramblers did a final check of the walks. If you could give me contact details of anyone involved with New Mills station, or indeed any other organisation that would be interested in this opportunity to promote the New Mills area, that would be great. If you would let me have an e-mail address of one of your members, I will send electronic versions of the Romiley and Marple completed versions and the New Mills booklets at its present stage of completion.

    1. Hi John – I read your note with great interest! Recently I was elected to Chair of the Friends of New Mills Stations group and one of the tasks I carry out several times a year in collaberation with the Friends of Chapel Station is to do a leaflet drop at Central Library in Manchester where such leaflets are received with great enthusiasm. The idea is to encourage visitors to our local area by train. We did such a ‘drop’ on Monday in fact and I’ll probably be repeating that very soon, now that I’ve got hold of a quantity of the Walks Around New Mills leaflets. Your booklet of 9 walks sounds ideal to be made avaialble at Central Library so please do get in touch if you’d like to do that.
      Email friendsnewmillsstations@gmail.com.

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