Meeting Minutes for the Sixth Annual General Meeting and the scheduled ordinary meeting on 30th March 2022

Meeting Minutes for the Sixth Annual General Meeting and the scheduled ordinary meeting on 30/3/2022

  1. Present: Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, Emily Johnstone, John Reed, Jan Smith, & Steve Wilson, Catherine Finn
  1. Apologies: NONE
  1. Review of Minutes of AGM 2021 – John first and jan second, all agreed
  1. Annual reports: See attached reports – read out by Zena, provided to VNM members by email. To add Emily to QF
  1. Election of Officers – All happy to remain as officers, 
    1. Treasurer – Sean will continue in the role, Jan will be Vice – Treasurer
    2. Secretary – Zena elected to continue and agreed to become secretary.
    3. New Officers – SW to check those that shown an interest and come back at next week.
    4. Like to thank Beth Aktins for her input over the years.
  2. Date and time of next AGM –Jan 2023 –  Venue and Date TBC in Nov 2022
  1. Any other business – Thanks to Youth Matters for the use of Union rd.

General Meeting

  1. Minutes of 27.2.22:

The Minutes of the meeting of 27.2.22 were accepted as a true and correct record.

  1. Matters Arising 
  1. Bank complaint –ombudsman  £50 fee was a fair amount compensation – so closed case
  2. Update Natwest bank address and Invoices through QF to Zena’s at 53, Beech Ave, New Mills, SK22 4HU
  3. 500 trees planted in Mousley Bottom. SW – Check where we could plant trees if we wanted to do it this year. – No update – Ask on VNM Post? Accessible to the community? 2m apart ish/Hedges. Schools 2nd?
  4. Hanging baskets 6 extra, found locations near to new Mills Newtown/central train stations – JS/SW to speak to tim
  5. Co-op Local community fund – ideas
  • Can get funding for hanging baskets (omitting VAT) so this could help with difference.
  • Generators – for outdoor events – JS costs 2k, 4 people to carry and concern with storage – not suitable to purchase.
  1. Art theatre got in touch asking how can we work better together –
    • Sent a list of suggestions to Art theatre, heard nothing back.
  1. Correspondence:
  1. NMTC – declined to fund maps email 21.3.22
  2. CAZ update – Thank Anne Clarke for sharing update  email 18.3.22
  1. Finance Update:

The current bank balance is £7887.49 in credit.

  • Hanging basket purchased £2273.40
  • Hanging baskets Maintenance £2309.04
  • 2000 New mills Maps £598

The money raised from Quizits

  • St Mary Primary PTA £182.50
  • New community cinema £117
  • Youth matter  £115.10
  • High peak community art – £100
  1. Media Update:

Website page views 4504 sessions 2857 in 30 days

Facebook membership was 9763, Twitter membership 2200 and Instagram 2282

  1. Any Other Business:

DBS – Renew or enrol so all members have DBS

Bike bags – need VNM bags x2 and look at amending contents if needed. Door 34 & 

  1. Date, time and place of next meeting:

Wednesday 11th May 7pm  Royal Oak

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