Annual report – 2019


Visit New Mills continues to support Community groups and facilitate events and projects in New Mills.

During this financial year we have purchased Community PA, new set of Community flags, new set of Union jack flags for remembrance parade. Started to use reusable pint glasses at Community events, managed the Carnival, Youth Festival and Lights Switch On, supported Community events and groups with public liability insurance


Please refer to annual summary

The weekly Quizit that supports all communities and groups in New Mills had continued to be successful and had recently reached the £30,000 funding raised milestone.

Projects 2020

Tree planting in Mousley Bottom

Small Glories gig at Torr Vale Mill

Additional town festoon lighting for Albion Road

Carnival and Lights Switch On events

Community Cinema at St Georges

Weekly Quizit’s

Continued support of Community groups with particular focus on positive climate and environment impact.


Financial support (donations) in purchasing Community assets and community events received from DCC, HPBC, NMF, OWF

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