Minutes 28th July 2021

  1. Present: Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton & Steve Wilson
  2. Apologies: Lee Barratt, John Reed & Jan Smith
  3. Minutes of 16/6/2021:
    The Minutes of the meeting of 16/6/21 were accepted as a true and correct record.
  4. Matters Arising
    ● Bank Account – Steve to be added as an account signatory and to complete form and return to sean/Zena https://www.co-operativebank.co.uk/assets/ns/bank/pdf/business/customerservices/managingyouraccount/change-of-signatories-and-authorised-users.pdf
    ● Interpretation boards – Broken board needs replacing – sean to get a quote.
    ● DBC – John and lee still outstanding for DBS
    ● Pat testing festoon, Andy Ohme – do on prom – try to do before the festival – check if they need to use it.
    ● LSO 4th Dec – quickfile – 3-4 stalls – Fire eaters/take part in art/Fosbrook/dance Academy/Jodie Marie/art theatre/Maynards/let’s sing – use Sainsburys car park – does Trevor have flood lighting – SNS or Trevor to order tree – Steve to check with SNS
    ● Zena to ask door 34 if want to hold a bike bag – before raising funds
    ● Proposed committee Member – Emely Johnstone – Sean proposes, Steve can second.
    ● Bounce back grant – 3 pop up parks in September, publicity for New Mills – maps/posters – VNM responsible to manage funding with HPBC bounce back grant.
    ● Cinema for All – Steve to complete at the 29th July showing of cinema
    ● 500 more trees ordered to be delivered to Steve, November and we will plant in Mousley Bottom
    ● Community cinema lottery application – applied and waiting response – £1200 for new screen already have £500 with other grants
    ● CFR bid – DCC reimaging market towns – we bid for some money – covers wifi in town, meanwhile space – shop e.g. Union Rd community hub – Attached details appendix “Welcome back Fund Delivery Plan HP Visit New Mills” & “Service level agreement – Visit New Mills”
    ● Ask Craig to set up a Bike page on VNM, with map, bike bag details and cycle roots etc..
    ● Torrs Youth Festival – Sean to resend update via email, Zena to respond to Police re: timings, bands/music – timings – stage management to Adam and Bryn – (Maynard)
  5. Correspondence:
    New Mills Forum – Transition New Mills – email 20.6.21 – received invite awaiting date and venue.
  6. Finance Update:
    The current bank balance is £3687.831 in credit.
    ● Out – Map reprint – £442
    The money raised from Quizits
    o £317.26 to Stockport Samaritans for July, still 29th July to do.
    o £197.64 For VNM in month of June
  7. Website Update:
    Website page views 5701 sessions 3633 in 30 days
    Facebook membership was 9620, Twitter membership 2142 and Instagram 2191
  8. Any Other Business:
    ○ Transition New Mills – public liability insurance for repair café, just waiting on updated risk assessment
    ○ When should we remove the flag – check if bunting being put up for the festival and take down then – Businesses to store their own flag poles – Sean to inform businesses.
    ○ David want container back – Zena to check where Linda storage is – Feestons, gazebos and flags
    ○ Wrote 2 press releases for Review, LSO – Quizit
    ○ Visit Peak District – Lyn/Sean came on a tour w/c 16th August to make a video – want models old group, family, paddle boards/Kayak – Charlotte/grace
  9. Date, time and place of next meeting:
    1st September 6.30pm – location TBC
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