Minutes – 11 January 2020

Minutes of the Meeting of Visit New Mills


1 Present:

Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, Jan Smith, Lee Barratt

2 Apologies:

Beth Atkins, Northe Slack

3 Minutes of 19/10/2019:

The Minutes of the meeting of 19/10/2019 were accepted as a true and correct record. – Send copy to all attendees

4 Matters Arising

a. Bike Racks/Bike Friendly Town – Quizit x 2 for bike bag at bele café (beehive/Ryan) Sean follow up with DCC about bike rack at sett valley cafe

b. Tree Planting – trees being deliver 20th Feb- 7th March – Sean speak to Sarah Fanshaw-Smith Derbyshire ranger, re date, number people & Equipment needed- Crowdfunding invite 1st

c. Mark Jones – Youth CIC – Community interest organisation, for events/group relating to youths – Sean to meet with him, discuss and feedback – mention Youth Festival

d. Too good to go – Company/app that sells food at a reduced rate – send correspondence to food related business and then advertise via VNM – Zena draft letter

e. TNM/NMTC Community conversation – HPBC meeting on 15th Jan – no one from VNM can attend during working day.

f. Safe Places – DCC – Zena to contact DCC if they have New Mills poster, if not create one and advertise at venues plus VNM website/social media

5 Correspondence:

· New Mills foodie – Already booked half of Carnival food and will continue to do our own bookings in 2020

· Small Glories Feedback – feedback received regarding acoustics in Torr vale mill, feedback acknowledged

· Tiny Tickers- Letter received for week of their event and Quizit been booked in February

6 Finance Update:

The current bank balance is £2613.93

Recent Quizits :

· New Mills Event Litter bins – £112 (17th Oct),

· Kinder Mountain Rescue – £182.10 (24th Oct),

· Albion Rd Festoon lights – £135 (31st Oct),

· Royal British Legion – £154 (7th Nov),

· Pancreatic Cancer UK – £301 (14th Nov),

· New Mills Lights Switch On – £102 (21st Nov),

· Night Stop (High Peak Homeless) – £130 (28th Nov),

· Crossroads Derbyshire – £346 (5th Dec),

· OAP Xmas Hampers – £219 (12th Dec),

· Xmas Tree New Mills Prom – £200 (19th Dec)

7 Web Site Update:

Sean reported that the website has had 153,808 web page views, 700361 users over 3 month period. The Facebook membership was 8833, Twitter membership 1981 and Instagram 1476. – Zena/Jan to add LSO articles to VNM website, Sean to update article re tree planting.

8 New Mills Carnival

Superheros theme on Saturday 13th June 2020 at 1pm – Ask George Lee to do if possible, Lee Barrat to ask

Lisa to do Parade, Lee – Road Closures – Ask John Reed to do Market Stalls?, Zena – Competitions, TBC – Programme (Zena to enquire about articles)? – Collection – Jan to ask Richard Body

9 Any Other Business:

Applied to HPBC for grant new Yellows Bins, and was successful with application.

10 Date, time and place of next meeting:

9am on Saturday 29th Feb at Sean’s House

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