Rock Climbing

Situated in the heart of New Mills, New Mills Tor is a concealed crag hidden within a deep and sombre gorge. The cliff itself is remarkably steep and surprisingly tall for its gritty composition, which consists of a soft and sandy gritstone rather than the usual weathered stone. Located beneath the town centre, right by the confluence of the Goyt and Sett rivers, lies the gorge. It is situated under the 1884 Union viaduct, which stands at a height of 24 meters. The gorge features vertical or overhanging rock faces with carved holds, along with a few in-situ pegs. It is possible to make abseiling descents in certain areas. Despite rainfall, the faces of the gorge tend to stay dry, and some climbs are protected from the elements by the presence of the viaduct. Additionally, bouldering is also available in this area.

These combined elements create a daunting and physically demanding challenge for climbers. There are over fifty established routes from VD to E5, mainly HVS and above. While some of the routes may be unfamiliar, the top-notch climbs available here are truly exceptional. The peculiar setting further enhances the overall experience of New Mills Tor, making it a must-visit destination for anyone passing through. Take the opportunity to stop by and partake in the distinctive adventure that awaits at New Mills Tor.

The viaduct boasts a total of seven impressive bolt lines that traverse its structure, offering an exhilarating and scenic climbing experience. With these seven distinct bolt lines adorning the viaduct’s surface, climbing enthusiasts are provided with ample opportunities for adventure and exploration amidst awe-inspiring surroundings.

The Torrs are owned by New Mills town council who support and encourage the safe use of the climbing available in the gorge, and welcome suggestions to improve it.

The Torrs – Rock Climbing

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