Meeting Minutes for the Fifth Annual General Meeting & ordinary meeting on 19/10/2019

  1. Present: Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, Jan Smith, Beth Atkins, Northe Slack, Lee Barratt, David Aris-Sutton, Alex Bond (NMF & SBA
  2. Apologies: None
  3. Annual reports: Finance– suspense is fees from PayPal, Professional fees is lighting technics, 1st aid cover, jugglers, glitter make-up artists act at events etc.
    • Subcontractors – HPBC rubbish collection
    • Happy to keep using quick file
    • Annual report – Milestones 30K on Quizits – on Attached sheet.
  4. Election of Officers – All happy to remain as officers,
    • Treasurer – Sean will continue in the role,
    • Secretary – Zena elected and agreed to become secretary.
    • New Officers – Put vacancy on face book, got 3 applications still liaising, and they have agreed to help with LSO 2019 before deciding if want to join officially.
    • Sean proposed Lee Barratt to become an officer, Zena Second, all other officers agreed – Accepted
  5. Any other business – Alex Bond – Beneficial improve relations VNM and other groups such as Art theatre, Spring Bank Arts, VNM & NFM. Idea to meet, understand to promote things, e.g. if someone struggling to sell tickets co-host on FB, tickets for Quizit, inform VNM by message/email to help with promote
    • Events at the same time/date – how can we prevent this?
    • Already liaise with art theatre, maybe spring bank.
    • Forward plan VNM put LSO/Carnival within a week of previous one ending so everyone knows in advance.
    • Central calendar – invite all group and add proposed/confirmed dates, so can review before planning other events – Alex to create a diary and share.
    • Bins what happens in New Mills differs from Buxton, we pay for bin collections whereas Buxton don’t, plus Buxton get Nestle sponsoring recycling –
    • Could we get a sponsorship on bigger events – waste and recycling.
    • Draft letter to HPBC – how can they help?  Alex & Sean
    • Equipment – charged for types of equipment – examples given Gazebos, feeston lighting. Sean explained we raise money to buy and eventually they need replacing –so that why there could be a rental fee.

In some case there are charges such as Video & PA

Alex suggested groups get together and discuss equipment, have/needs replacing and agree how and who. – Manage and fund community equipment – Meeting to be arranged

Possibly put a list together of what is there and who provided, and if there is a rental charge.

Date and time of next AGM – Oct 2020, Date to be confirmed Sept 2020

General Meeting

  1. Minutes of 10/08/2019:

2. The Minutes of the meeting of 10/08/2019 were accepted as a true and correct record

3.Matters Arising

Bike rack now been put into Prom, already had one in front of the bike shop. Still one to be placed at Sett Valley trail – near Sett valley café

Sean to write to NMTC – regarding how they plan to become more cycle friendly.

Correspondence from Bele Café, asking for Bike bag, quizit in 2020 for 2 more bike bags

RBL – asked for flags to be placed and want volunteers for the remembrance parade

Tree Planting – Mousley bottom got funds for 500 trees, stacks and rabbit guards, working with Derbyshire rangers to plant trees early spring

4. Correspondence:

New Mills Band – thank you letter for monies raised on Quizit.

Derbyshire FRS – Thank you email for monies raised on Quizit

5. Finance Update:

The current bank balance is £1885.51 in credit.

 The most recent Quizits have been:

New Mills band £104(1st August),

Army Cadet £111 (8th August),

New Mills Scouts – £127 (15th August),

New Mills Citizens Advice -£104 (22nd August),

United reform Church- £208 (29th August),

Tree planting – £157 (5th Sept) 

Visit New Mills – £140 (12th Sept),

New Mills Festival – £109 (19th Sept)

New Mills Volunteer Centre- £104.50(26th Sept),

New Mills Beavers – £112 (3RD Oct),

New Mills Fire & Rescue – £78 (10th Oct),

6. Web Site Update:

Sean reported Facebook membership was 8675, Twitter membership 1956 and Instagram 1379.

7.Any Other Business:

  • Light Switch On (LSO) – Pride of the peaks, Torrs, Rock Mill brewery agreed to use reusable glasses.
  • Road closures request been submitted and now being run by John Reed
  • Temporary event notices have been requested by Howard town brewery, Chocolate cup, bakes & bars
  • Programme progressing, should be complete in next 10 days.
  • Small Glories Gig organised at Torrs Vale mill on Friday 6th December  Posters/Tickets printed
  • Sean to add summary report and finance report to VNM

8.Date, time and place of next meeting:

7th December 10am – Zena house.

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