Meeting Minutes on 29th June 2022

  1. Present: Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, Jan Wootten, John Reed, Steve Wilson, David Aris-Sutton, Amy Pinner & Jill Wellington
  2. Apologies: Emely Johnstone
  3. Minutes of 12.5.22:

The Minutes of the meeting of 12.5.22 were accepted as a true and correct record.

4. Matters Arising

  • Update Natwest bank address still outstanding to Zena’s. Invoices and any correspondence through QF New Address:Zena’s at 53, Beech Ave, New Mills, SK22 4HU.
  • Co-op banks keep open for next 6 months and review whether to close, as still a minority paying to old accounts.
    500 trees planted. SW – corresponded with contact at swizzels as owned by them, path next to swizzels carpark – get trees free this time from woodland trust, making application for March 23, Nov 22. Ask on VNM if anyone knows of location for 250 minum, have to check viability before commitment.
  • Hanging baskets – now placed look really nice and bright, due to delays, offer discount next year or solar trees, get a quote to make an informed decision – discuss at next meeting
  • NMC outcome – themes – use top 3 themes results, for the next 3 years. Under the sea, decades of the past and natural world. Revenue £8903.70, spend £6375.18, profit £1528.52, SW – to share itemised report
  • Sue fee stilts – TYF or lso, book for both.
  • Chris would like to break from the Quizit set up. John Reed will do the collating of quizmaster, ask at quiz for some one to take ownership of speaker/PA weekly. Chris or John to ask Chalkers if they want to host.
  • Choose where we get our Xmas tree from – DAS to ask SNS trees for quotes for the tree, installation and w/wo light

       5. Correspondence:

  • Email Bardsley, Amanda, 12854, 12.6.22 – sent a thank you to Inspector
  • Email Griffin Sorour 8.6.22 – re: NMC road closures – noted, we followed the process.
  • Derbyshire county highways Sign & Approved for flower baskets – email 30.5.22
  • Email NMTC – requesting formal invite, we responded no formal invite required.
  • Query – Coach party parking, lunch 50 guests – Torr top carpark, sycamore, Hayfield Bus station,NMFC car park. Eating sycamore/pride of the peaks. Cafes

6. Finance Update: The current bank balance is £7438.25 in credit.

  • The money raised from Quizits
  • New mills Fair trade £110
  • New mills womens institute – £132
  • New mills band – £104.23
  • Birch vale cricket club – £168
  • Pancreatic cancer – £264
  • New mills carnival £168
  • Beardswood project £211

7. Media Update: Website page views 5918, sessions 3933 in 30 days, Facebook membership was 10,106, Twitter membership 2215           and Instagram 2323

8. Any Other Business:

  • VNM tote bags – Ask Priscillas/Millers refillers/High street books/The gallery instead of PLT
  • Sean proposed to David Aris-Sutton to become full VNM committee member, John Reed Second.
  • Torrs Youth Festival –
    Food – curry buns, doors 34, epic pizza (with plates),
    Location – Torrs hydro footprint
    NMTC – TYF, cut back grass
    Entertainment/stalls – sue fee circus, maynard flip flap, army cadets, scouts, Blue star medical.
    Still to do –
    Youth matters, walkers are welcome – bugs, being outdoors, rock climbing(SW), Derbyshire sex ed, police, fire brigade,
    Bele brownies, puddle shark, fairy garden michael ross? – JW Donkeys?
    Bryn and Adam – live bands PA from bryn?
    Sponsors – TBC, swizzels (SW)
    Portaloo – ZA
    Collection buckets – TBC
    Alternatives – take part in the art,

9. Date, time and place of next meeting: Wednesday 10th August 7pm – Zena’s house.

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