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Visit New Mills What we do?


Visit New Mills was created from a public meeting seeking volunteers in the Town Hall lecture room back in 2013.

Over its ten years existence it has helped most (if not all) voluntary and community groups in New Mills and works to make New Mills a better place to live and work in.

It also successfully runs many community events that help promote the town as an entertaining place to visit but with a particular focus on the health and wellbeing of New Mills residents.

It holds regular meetings, these are minuted, published and include a financial report – the groups finances are managed using a package called ‘Quickfile’, members of the public can request access to view the finances at any time.

It receives donations to help fund and promote events via High Peak Borough Council, Derbyshire County Council, PCC and occasionally grants available to the community

It’s main fundraising activity is via a weekly quiz that not only fills New Mills pubs but has also raised £47,000+ for all manner of local groups (New Mills Festival, One World Festival, New Mills Carnival, New Mills Heritage Centre, Oxfam New Mills, New Mills Scouts, Friends of New Mills Parks, New Mills Walkers are Welcome, New Mills Women’s Group, Blythe House, New Mills Juniors Football Club, New Mills Art Theatre, New Mills Juniors Cricket Club, British Legion, New Mills Volunteer Centre to name but a few (if your group needs help raising funds please get in touch via email at visitnewmills@hotmail.co.uk)




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