The Torrs Trail

The Torrs, a beautiful canyon created by the melting of ice at the end of the last Ice Age, bisects the town of New Mills. At its lowest point, the gorge is 30 m deep. Here, the Sett and the Goyt rivers converge. You may take a 51-step trail down from the Rock Mill Centre on Rock Mill Lane (behind the bus station) to see the numerous natural and man-made elements of the Torrs. In addition to the Millennium Walkway, weirs, bridges, railway and towering rock walls, there are also trees, birds and a community hydro project.

The route focuses on the Torrs’ industrial history. However, keep an eye out for wildlife and take in the natural woodland’s tranquil environment as a contrast to the busy town area directly above.

QR codes at each point provides a link to a further trail information online.

The web link below contains a useful interactive map.

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