Meeting Minutes for the Sixth Annual General Meeting and the scheduled ordinary meeting on 11/1/2021

Present: Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, Jan Smith, Lee Barratt, John Reed
Apologies: Beth Atkins
Review of Minutes of AGM 2019 – Jan first and Lee second, all agreed
Annual reports: See attached reports – Sean to see if can reduce cost of PL due to not having usual events
Election of Officers – All happy to remain as officers,
Treasurer – Sean will continue in the role, Jan will be Vice – Treasurer
Secretary – Zena elected to continue and agreed to become secretary.
New Officers – None this meeting will review in 6 months’ time
Date and time of next AGM –Jan 2022 – Venue and Date TBC in Nov 2021
Align Finance to fit with Calendar year – so next report to be approx. 14 months period next year
Any other business – NONE

General Meeting

Minutes of 23/09/2020:
The Minutes of the meeting of 23/09/2020 were accepted as a true and correct record.

Matters Arising
Carnival 2021 – all agreed to not run this year, as still too many unknown with Covid – Postpone 2022 – will update events and contact any outstanding stalls ASAP.
Safe Places – To waiting until lockdown finished, then re-evaluate
Bank Account – received forms from Zena, will send off Zena’s until receive others
Website – Craig has joined the team and been extremely helpful with website updates – revisit shopping categories, Park pages, and updated header/video.
Interpretation boards – Town Map – 500 map of delivered, posted approx. 50 to people who couldn’t collect including Marple railway station. 20 left – reprint possible. Train station x 2, heritage centre and torr top carpark.
Signage for Market Hall – not at this time
Co-op – probably getting about 15% of the pot currently, Jan to look at doing another article on website
Where currently store road signs and barriers etc., want them moving – barriers could go at Football club, other place £600 per year for other equipment (can we share costs with NMF)., other options lockup garage – Sean to check with swizzels – Jan put out on VNM facebook to ask the community


Finance Update:
The current bank balance is £1784.20 in credit.
The money raised from virtual Quizits given: £135.31 currently in Paypal for VIRQUIZ
£100 each to Cross roads Derbyshire, Pride of Peak OAP Dinners, High Peak Homeless,
SNS trees to offset shop trees

Web Site Update:
Sean reported Facebook membership was 9311, Twitter membership 2093 and Instagram 1991.

Any Other Business:
Update about VNM to include government guidelines, consider wording of post.

lightupxmas Went well, excellent good to get the shops and community involved, could we include a way to remove addresses if change mind in joining. Consider making contest next year, Zena to go to NMF and get feedback.

Date, time and place of next meeting:
8th March 2021 6.30pm – online TBC

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