Minutes 10th May 2021

  1. Present: Sean Whewell, Zena Aris-Sutton, Lee Barratt, John Reed
    a. Guests Catherine Finn & Lisa Marie Bell
  2. Apologies: Beth Atkins & Jan Smith
  3. Minutes of 8/3/2021:
    The Minutes of the meeting of 8/3/21 were accepted as a true and correct record.
  4. Matters Arising
    A. Bank Account – Barry Bates to be removed from bank, agreed by all members. Zena is now a signatory.
    B. Interpretation boards – Emailed Lynsey Weeton, still waiting for response. Broken sign with Steven Lewis, can it be put back in place – Zena to check David (NMTC)
    C. Storage – All equipment moves to another location, – Sean to confirm where and how it can be accessed.
    D. Quizit – Back into Pubs/hare & Hounds 20th May, half & half pub/virtual – no raffle or swapping answer sheets etc until restrictions lift further
    E. Bin labels and Anti-litter posters refresh – Zena to continue to replace current bin labels that need removing.
    F. Sean to contact Beth regarding up-to-date email address
    G. Zena to check with NMDVC if Local volunteer support ideas progressing
    H. Carnival WIndows – Anyone can enter including residential homes, Lee to design Certificate’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prize plus participation – no prizes – Zena to judge in 1st weekend to share certificates
    I. DBC Certificates – John and Lee to complete theirs, Sean to get details from Jan & Stephen.
    o Zena Aris-Sutton – DBS Check – 001011760610
    o Jan Smith – DBS Check – 001014352036
    o Steve Wilson – DBS Check – 001012015870
    o Sean Whewell DBS Check – 001011629471
    J. Traders/entertainers at our events re: email – Sean to place online and looking at adding to quick file
    K. New Mills Torrs Youth Festival – Last Sunday in August, Sean to go to Derbyshire Police commissioner for funding
    L. New mills Youth Matters – explained more about the group, 2 sessions per week, usually approx. 20 turn up. 3 week festival called fan fest at the end of August, woodland week, international week, seaside week – Free to attend Mon-Fri 10-3pm & every Friday a family BBQ
  5. Correspondence:
    a) Thank you from NMDVC for the Quizit donation
    b) Co-op emailed the advice of the 1st deposit of the amount: £359.08, Zena to share another post and say thanks for what we have so far.
  6. Finance Update:
    The current bank balance is £2511.35 in credit.
    The money raised from virtual Quizits received £314.60 March, April to date currently in Paypal for VIRQUIZ
    o £250 to NMDVC for April
    o £150 Sett Valley Medical Centre for March
  7. Website Update:
    Website page views 4999 sessions 3242 in 30 days
    Facebook membership was 9487, Twitter membership 2123 and Instagram 2158
  8. Any Other Business:
    a. £442 for 1000 more leaflets – HPBC have said they will fund £368. -agreed will fund the remainder
  9. Date, time and place of next meeting:
    June 2021 – TBC
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