New Mills Quizit raises £50k for local causes

The picturesque town of New Mills is abuzz with excitement at the news that our weekly Quizit pub quiz has reached one hell of a milestone having raised an incredible £50k for local charities. What started as a small endeavour now includes up to twelve different venues around New Mills thanks to its passionate Quizmasters and enthusiastic players. 

Every Thursday, the Quizmasters infuse their questions with their unique personalities into a format which consists of a general knowledge “Bingo” round where you have the additional chance of winning a prize if your team is the first with a line of correct answers, a picture round and a music round. Every team member has a chance to apply their unique skills, and team sizes vary from 1 to as many as 13! Entry is just £1 per person!

Not only does Quizit allow people to enjoy a fun and sociable event, it also brings together members of the community in support of a variety of great causes. Players enjoy learning about local organisations and see how they make an impact at a local level. Over one hundred causes have been helped by the monies raised, as well as sharing information about the cause at the quiz and via social media, it’s a win-win!

There have been over 300 quizzes and the prize for the winners is a £20 voucher for the next week’s venue, plus they get the privilege of having their photo with the “Wise Owl Trophy”.  We also hold a raffle with 8 great prizes, some of which are kindly donated by local businesses …we are the town with the big heart after all.

Why do people come to Quizit? Read Dazed and Confused reasons here: “We started coming to quizit as we enjoy quizzes and it was an event we could do as a family within the New Mills area. The fact that all money raised was pooled back into the local community and benefited local (often struggling) charities was a massive plus point for us. 

Over time we got to know and enjoy the company of like minded, friendly people who cared about New Mills and the surrounding area. The fact that it rotates pubs meant we got to see different pubs we wouldn’t have necessarily visited, which has been good for us but also good for the pubs which have also benefited from the Quizit community. 

Lockdown was difficult for everyone but Quizit and the efforts put into maintaining contact by the quizmasters was our weekly focal point and a chance to see friendly faces and do something familiar. We have now completed our third quiz as quizmasters because we wanted to give something back to the community that has meant so much to us.”

Why not come and see what we do for yourself and help us raise another 50K!

If you are part of a New Mills community group that could benefit from some funding then get in touch at

Details of the events can be found on our social Media or Website.

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