Connecting New Mills: Introducing Digital Community Notice Boards

In a bid to enhance community engagement and promote sustainability, Visit New Mills is launching an exciting project – Digital Community Notice Boards. Located at high-flow traffic areas, these boards will serve as hubs of information accessible to all, regardless of internet access.

Managed by Visit New Mills, the notice boards will be located at Rock Mills Centre, in the windows of New Mills Youth and Community Project CIC, and New Mills Youth Matters CIC, the boards will feature updates on local clubs, events, businesses, success stories, volunteer opportunities, and more. With instant remote updates, no important information will be missed.

The initiative replaces traditional posters with eco-friendly digital screens, saving costs, time, and paper. The project’s goal is to foster community spirit, encourage participation, and make New Mills a better place to live, work, and visit.

In the pursuit of excellence, the project has received invaluable funding from the Derbyshire County Council, VNM Quizit, local business Sustain Video and High Peak Borough councillors Ian Huddlestone, Alan Barrow, Simon Evans and Peter Inman. It is also has technical supported by the High Peak Desktop Doctor and VNM is equipped with Canva Pro, so this project promises professionalism and efficiency.

There is one screen currently in the Rock Mill Centre with the other 2 due to be fitted early September, find out how to submit an advert/ notice here:

This project is in it infancy, so there is plenty of room for development, such as full screen posters and possibly video adverts.

4 thoughts on “Connecting New Mills: Introducing Digital Community Notice Boards”

  1. ‘eco-friendly digital screens’?

    You are taking the p*ss, aren’t you? I thought New Mills declared a climate emergency a few years ago? Absolute jokers the lot of you

    1. HI Tony,
      We understand your frustration and concern about the issue. It’s important to address such valid concerns regarding environmental sustainability. While the concept of “eco-friendly digital screens” may raise scepticism due to the broader context of the climate emergency, I’d like to provide some information to clarify the situation.

      We understand this is a complex issue, but we believe that these screens will reduce the need for printing posters which involves cutting down trees and using energy and water during processing and requires ink and energy, and the use of non-eco-friendly inks and printing processes can contribute to pollution. Then the delivery and distribution of posters requires transportation, which can lead to carbon emissions. Paper posters have a limited lifespan and can be susceptible to weather damage or wear and tear. Paper can be recycled but this is rarely the case, many are just left and can lead to environmental issues like litter and waste. This doesn’t even take into account the ones placed outside on lamposter that have the added impact of lamination, and tie wraps.

      We understand there is of course a carbon footprint of digital screens, Manufacturing digital screens requires resources like metals, plastics, and electronics plus energy Consumption.

      But digital content can be distributed electronically, reducing the need for physical transportation. Well-maintained digital screens can have a longer lifespan compared to paper posters, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Digital screens allow for real-time content updates, reducing the need for constant reprints and replacements. We have the support of a computer expert to maintain and getas long as possible out of the devices, so when the time comes the e-waste will be properly recycled to minimise the negative impact.

      We also consider the difference this might make to the town in other ways that help the environment with the content it is promoting, a few examples such litter picking events, incredible edible, community pantry preventing food waste.

      In the context of New Mills Town Council declaring a climate emergency, it’s important for local authorities and organisations to not only declare emergencies but to also take meaningful actions to address these concerns. If you feel that the actions being taken are not living up to the commitment, it’s completely reasonable to express your frustration, we VNM as an independent non for profit organisation with no ties to the NMTC are trying to make a difference.

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