More solar for New Mills

New Mills moves another step nearer self sufficiency… well we can dream can’t we!

New Mills Schools Solar PV panels have finally been installed at New Mills School.

Electricity generation started on Sunday 18th September from a 21kW array on the Maths and Swinburn Buildings.

In late 2012 the PTA launched the Solar Schools Project at New Mills to raise funds (aim £12,000) to install Solar PV panels. The school and PTA would benefit directly in the form of free electricity generated to the school, income to the PTA from Government incentive payments (FITs)

Approximately £7,800 was raised by the end of 2013 through teh Solar School scheme with many local people and groups helping fund this.

The Solar PV (much more than the school previously anticipated) has now been installed by the Schools Energy Co-operative. Although the financial model has changed, the PTA and school will still benefit by electricity generated sold cheaply to the school and the PTA earning an annual interest payment on money invested in the Co-operative

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