Take Part!

At Take Part we believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to experience the magical effects and wellbeing benefits of Performing Arts. Take Part connects motivation, emotional stability, positive mind-set and self-awareness with health, energy and a sense of purpose making a difference to individuals, changing lives.

Take Part is a safe community where every individual can grow, learn and flourish.Take Part is a fully inclusive place where everyone is encouraged to:-

– CARE for themselves, each other and the team.

– SHARE skills, knowledge, direction, values and experiences. Above all, we share an eagerness to develop and progress.

– DARE to take risks and to have the confidence to go that extra mile. Going out of our comfort zone, acting in the face of uncertainty.

– PREPARE themselves for performance, for “that moment” and for LIFE!

We want every individual to be empowered to just ‘Take Part’! Based at New Mills School, we work in collaboration with local schools in the area thriving to improve social, emotional and mental health through Performing Arts activities.

A focus on prevention & early intervention – Take Part provides opportunities for our ‘Professional Creatives’ to get involved with young people to develop both Performing Arts and life skills, giving everyone involved passion and drive in a physical experience. At Take Part we support people in managing their own physical and mental health and wellbeing, empowering people to take control and improving outcomes.

Empowered and Self Sufficient Communities – Take Part thrive to work with the High Peak community to encourage individuals to lead bigger and better lives. As an active community group we provide opportunities for people to try new things, meet new people and socialise more improving self-esteem and encouraging resilience and wellbeing.

High performing council services – Take Part we encourage people of all backgrounds to participate in Performing Arts activities that can address key social issues through physical, social, health education. Our services link directly with maintaining a strong children’s social care delivery within the High Peak and improving Personal Development within schools promoting resilience, values, confidence and independence in our workshops, PPA sessions and extra-curricular activities working alongside the new Personal Development OFSTED judgement.

For more information please visit our website www.wearetakepart.com or email info@wearetakepart.com

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