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Pet care in veterinary clinics provides a service that is traditional, reliable and professional. Yet for many people, it can also prove costly, inconvenient and even stressful. Many pet owners find it difficult to get to their local clinic due to factors such as transport, age, illness and having young children. Plus, many pets will scale the walls at the sight of their pet carrier, tremble in fear during a car journey, or experience sudden anxiety when they catch scent of the familiar sterile consultation rooms.

In response to these challenges, modern pet care is changing, and two local women are leading the way. Vet Cath Bennett-Williams from New Mills, and Veterinary Nurse Louise Reeder from New Mills, High Peak, have recently launched their own branch of the vet service, VetCare@Home. This innovative enterprise takes all the hassle (and a lot of the expense) out of veterinary care by offering a mobile service that visits pets and their owners in their own homes. ‘I’m excited to be offering a more friendly and convenient way to access veterinary care in the community that me and my family live in,’ explains Louise.

With over 18 years’ experience as a Veterinary Surgeon, plus two kids and countless pets of her own, Vet Cath understands the value of first-rate pet care that is personal, convenient and affordable. ‘I have joined VetCare@Home as I believe in spending the time getting to know my patients and their owners. I want to offer a high level of care for pets in the comfort of their own home, avoiding any of the stresses that may come with having to travel to the vet surgery,’ Cath explains.

The new service provides in-home vet care throughout the High Peak area. With the latest technology and practices, VetCare@Home offers a full complement of vet services, including vaccinations, microchipping, free written prescriptions, end of life care and much more. ‘Most people don’t realise it, but more than 50% of the issues seen in vet clinics could be easily be treated by us at home,’ says Cath. ‘And we have great links with local referral practices for any other issues,’ she adds.

‘Cath is a great vet and really goes above and beyond ’ says customer Alex Edwards. ‘For routine visits this is by far the most pet friendly option for us!’ she adds. 

For more information on this innovative new service, visit or check them out on Facebook.


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