New Mills Repair Cafe

Visit New Mills loves supporting the repair cafe with Quizits and insurance cover – but did you know how many different things they repair – here is a recent list (and several of them needed multiple repairers)

Electric scooter – customer took it away to put it on charge as the success of the repair couldn’t be tested with no charge in it.

Mantel clock referred to a professional repairer in New Mills.

Pocket watch with mechanism badly in need of lubrication.  Successful.

Battery clock, fault found, user error, new battery installed. Successful.

Antique writing slope with compartment lids in several pieces and secret drawers stuck. Refurbished, re-glued. Left in functioning order. Succesful

Carriage clock fault found, needs parts, customer will come back next time.

Back massager, plugged in incorrectly, causing a flash of power, unfortunately not repairable.

Vintage desk lamp, lightbulb not making good contact. Repairer adjusted bayonet fitting and recommended a different bulb.

Food mixer. Dismantled, but cause of problem not found, will try again next session.

Pop along next time either to get something repaired or if you feel you have ‘repairing’ skills then offer to help

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  1. I have got iron, not working could be a fuse. Also computer printer. I don’t want either item , they can be passed on to someone who needs them if repaired. Can l just drop them in. Thanks.

  2. i have a 24 inch tv that wont turn on was working up to a day ago do you repair tvs i would gladly pay for any parts the might be needed

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