My Urban Trail

Founded in our very own New Mills, MY URBAN TRAIL is a new women’s outdoorwear brand, set to dress the new generation of modern-day explorers. For too long, dull designs have overpowered women’s outdoorwear, but we say no more! We think you deserve to love pieces for both style and functionality.

Their debut collection features a range of interchangeable pieces, from your new favourite winter warmer, to a range of must-have accessories, and much more! So, whether taking to the peaks or just strolling in the city, we want all women to feel fabulous outdoors.

MY URBAN TRAIL is obsessed with walking, and for good reason! Walking is the easiest, cheapest, and most accessible form of exercise, and has countless major health benefits, not just physically but also mentally. We are on a mission to spread the word, so let’s get there together New Mills and enjoy the journey.

Join us at The Shrub Club on Wednesday 6th October from 6pm to celebrate the launch of our brand with bubbles, treats, music and sneak peaks.

Be sure to follow us at @_myurbantrail_ on Instagram/Facebook/Tiktok to find out more and…escape the ordinary.

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