Flora and fauna – Mr Mole

A walk along the Sett Valley Trail this evening surprised us with this little corker exploring the hardcore.

Much as I deplore them in the garden for their under-root explorations, moles are charming little things going about their subterranean lives generally out of sight (though they do surface surprisingly often).

Moles live by their sense of touch and smell from their super-sensitive nose and whiskers, with hardly any eyesight at all, as they check their tunnel systems for worms, grubs and beetles that make up their food.

Their massive front feet and nails are perfect for creating new tunnels, and their beautifully soft fur stands upright without a ‘nap’ direction. This allows the creatures to run forwards and backwards, surprisingly quickly, along their tunnel systems.


Many years ago I attempted to stop them coming into our garden by having Radio 2 playing underground 24/7 but to no avail, I just put up with them now.



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