Antiques Road Show

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW 5 LINDA WHITAKERThe curators at New Mills Heritage Centre were delighted to be invited by the BBC to take along the museum’s  WW1 Torr Top Tunnel trench sign for filming at Lyme Park last week (10th September).

The day stayed fine and was much enjoyed by the museum party made up of curators Linda Whitaker, Maureen Hall, Nicky Burgess and local resident Colin Gray. Colin generously brought along his grandfather’s letters and service papers which have been carefully kept by the family for the past 100 years. Grandfather Levi Hall had served as a sapper digging and maintaining trenches and tunnels in the Ypres Salient where the sign had been located.

The trench sign is back on display in New Mills Heritage and Information Centre, Rock Mill Lane, New Mills SK22 3BN. The Centre is open Tuesday to Sunday 10.30 to 4pm.

The Heritage Centre is managed and funded by New Mills Town Council and relies heavily on an excellent volunteer network, the centre receives thousands of visitors each year and is a visitor focal point in the town.

Pics by Sue Wyatt

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