Thank You – W Potts and Son

Potts Bakers, are one of the longest established family businesses in New Mills (120 years and counting), suppliers of the finest of breads, pies, cakes and all things wonderful that can possibly be created from a sack of flour and a sprinkling of baking magic!

During lockdown, they’ve achieved the feat of continuing to be extraordinary every day. Potts have not stopped keeping us supplied with our daily bread…

New Mills relies on businesses run by local families and Potts are very much part of the New Mills family.

They have also managed during these difficult times to put in place a local delivery service, keeping it tightly controlled so they reach the people who need it the most and don’t let people down.

Like other small family businesses, relying on a small team of people, it’s been some adjustment they’ve had to make and the town really appreciate it.

If you are ever passing through New Mills and are wondering what the queue of people are doing on Union Road – they’ll be waiting to get their daily bread.

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