Rock Mill Brewery

We all know there’s been a long tradition of good pubs in New Mills, this is now going to be enhanced by the introduction over the coming months of two breweries Rock Mill Brewery and Torrside Brewing (More from Torrside Brewing soon) :

Rock Mill Brewery

New Mills craftsman Ray Barton has had a long established passion for brewing, that dates back to his school days in the seventies and he can often be seen sampling local brews especially when beer festivals are on in New Mills.

Ray is now embarking on living his dream and starting up his own brewery.

Rock Mill brewery will be set up in the centre of New Mills, as a small craft brewery, to produce traditional style English ales from the past and present, and a few world style beers.

Production capacity will be small enough to care and maintain quality, but large enough to cope with any any extra demand when needed – especially to cope with extra demands that New Mills creates during Carnival and Festival periods – the beers will be crafted using the finest available malted barley, hops and top fermenting ale yeast.

When needed, our full capacity will be 576 pints each brew day but realistically this will produce around 1 brew per week (of 152 pints) to be casked in 4.5 gallon pins and 500ml bottles.

The brew plant will consist of a hot liqueur tank (HLT), a mash tun and brew kettle (copper, in brewery terms) and of course fermenting vessels which are at this moment, being manufactured by a specialist company in Herefordshire.

Delivery of these will be within the next few weeks, and we will keep you posted as to when they arrive – pint anyone?


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