New Mills Linen Is On Its Way Thanks to Wiseheart & Wild

We caught up recently with Annie Greatorex, Wild Spinster and she had some very exciting news to impart! Here’s what she told us:

“A chance conversation during New Mills Fashion Week started us thinking. Could we produce our own linen?
Turns out it’s possible, the only thing we were short of was a field or two, and thanks to the generosity of the people of New Mills and the support of the Home Farm New Mills project we’re on our way. 
Over the next 100 days or so, all around the town people will be growing the flax to be processed, spun, and woven into the very first batch of Wild Flaxen Heart Linen.
If you would like to take part, we still have a few packets of seeds available. Each packet requires just 1 square metre of ground (or the equivalent in pots) and linen is an easy crop to grow as it doesn’t need brilliant soil or much doing to it. The hard work comes after it’s harvested and that bit’s all down to us!
Once the flax has been processed and the linen woven everyone who takes part will get something back made from our New Mills fabric.
Seed packets are available for free from Wiseheart & Wild on Market Street.

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