Neighbourhood Coworking

Neighbourhood Coworking

New Mills has a new addition to its High Street – a coworking space. And it’s a business born from a problem that will be familiar to many local people.

“It’s just hard to focus when working from home. Washing, kids, pets and deliveries. There are endless distractions.” explains Sam – one-half of the husband and wife team who have opened the space.

“On top of that, sitting in your back bedroom or at your dining table all day can be a pretty lonely existence. You end up not leaving the house all day.” adds Sam’s other half, Laura.

Neighbourhood Coworking was created to solve this problem. Sam and Laura, who have worked from home for many years, were in need of a change of scenery and a community of people to connect with.

“We wanted there to be a coworking space in New Mills. It was a case of if not us, then who? So we threw ourselves into it.” explains Laura.

The coworking space offers day passes for people who want to use it occasionally or memberships for those who want to attend on a regular basis.

“We really just want to build a lovely community of people who come to the space to focus and get work done, but also have those little social moments that brighten up your day.” adds Laura. 

“We’ve been open a month now and it’s so far so good. We’ve had a brilliant initial response to the business and have a great group of members already. They’re telling us that their working weeks have improved no end by using the space and that’s fantastic to hear.”

 Neighbourhood Coworking

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