Minutes – 8 April 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Visit New Mills held on 8th April 2013


1)         Present: Barry Bate, Jean Fildes, Sean Whewell, Northe Slack, Mike Daniels, Beth Atkins


2)         Apologies: None


  • Notes from the previous meeting: were accepted as a correct record (with the correction that the correct spelling of her name is Northe Slack).


  • Matters Arising:
    1. Signing the Constitution. The Constitution (as previously circulated) was signed by all members. The organisation is now formally constituted.
    2. Finance Issues (Bank Account). Jean updated all members on progress in applying for a bank account. She had already completed some parts of the form and others were now completed by appropriate members. Sean then took responsibility for furthering the progress of the application. Beth handed over a cheque for £300 from the DCC Community Leadership Fund.
    3. New Mills Website. The group discussed the redundant newmillsweb.com site. It was agreed that Beth would contact Peter Beard and discuss some future possibilities for the site. Jean talked about the specification that had been created for the Spring Bank Arts Centre website (as an example) and this was discussed. It was agreed that Mike would draw up a specification for a ‘Visit New Mills’ website and circulate his ideas to other members of the group for future discussion. It was agreed that the site needs to demonstrate the facilitative nature of what Visit New Mills is trying to achieve and that one of its most significant features needed to be a long-term planning calendar/ scheduler.
    4. Action Plan. Jean showed (as an example) a copy of part of the action plan from Spring Bank Arts Centre – and the layout of this was discussed. She reminded members that any such plan would need to be prefaced with adequate research work and assessment of local need. Following discussion of the draft action plan that had been submitted by Jane (after the meeting on March 6th) Jean presented a possible way of strategically grouping the tasks in the Plan. It was agreed that Jean would construct a framework and circulate this to other members for future discussion.


  • Any Other Business:
    1. It was agreed that future standing agenda items would include ‘Finance Update’, Web Site Update’ and ‘Action Plan Update’.
    2. It was agreed that members who had not yet completed and circulated their CVs should do so as soon as possible.
    3. Sean handed out ‘Visit New Mills’ postcards. Members expressed their delight with these and expressed their thanks to Karl Sinfield for his work on them.


  • Date, Time and Place of Next Meeting:

3.00 on Monday 29th April at Sean’s house.

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