Minutes – 25 February 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of Visit New Mills held on 25th February 2014


  • Present:

Barry Bate, Northe Slack, Sean Whewell, Beth Atkins


  • Apologies:

Mike Daniels, Jean Fildes


  • Minutes of the Meeting of 03/02/2014:

(as amended) were accepted as a true and correct record.


  • Matters arising:

From 8 – Forthcoming Marketing for New Mills Festival. Barry had sent the email requesting a meeting but only a few replies had been received so far. Members will let Barry know their availability over the next week or so and he will determine the best date for people to meet and send invitations.

From 5 – Response to the Local Plan. Sean had submitted the groups’ comments. Jean, Beth and Sean have also submitted individual comments. Beth will forward details of a public meeting to discuss the results of the consultation on the Plan. She will also forward details of the Localism Bill.

From 9 – AOB Finance issues.  Beth pointed out that most community groups now had bank accounts. Sean felt that there was merit in the idea of applying for overarching funding to support promotional work. It was resolved that Sean will contact Derbyshire Community Foundation to discuss the viability of this idea and then report back.

It was also agreed that VNM will make a future agenda item of ‘Working on the localism agenda and the development of a Neighbourhood Plan’.


  • Finance Update:

Sean reported that the current balance was £841.10 in credit. The only change since the last meeting had been the addition of 0.03p interest.


  • Web Site Update:

Sean has spoken to Karl Sinfield – who is now ready to begin work on the VNM site. Sean will receive a cheque for £315 from Beths’ Leadership Fund which he will forward to Greenbank trust as the remaining 10% of the total application. Karl will then invoice Greenbank Trust for his work.

Northe will discuss copy content with Mike. She and Sean will talk to Karl about site content and timescales and devise a basic project plan. Beth was concerned that Karl should supply us with a clear methodology for adding pages to the website.


  • Action Plan update:

Beth was concerned about illegal daytime parking on the east side of Union Street. She will talk to Steven Lewis about the possibilities of installing planters on that side of the road which would deter the car parking and provide facilities for safe cycle parking.


  • Working on the Localism Agenda

It was agreed to defer this item to the next meeting.


  • Any Other Business:
  • Sean reported that he and Northe had met with staff from Northern Rail and Hope Valley Rail Partnership to discuss a programme of Folk Trains for 2014. There are 5 trains proposed for this year. Northern Rail had agreed to provide several A0 sized noticeboards in order to promote the Folk Trains. Local artist Paul Gent will produce a set of Art Deco posters for each train event.

2)         Sean reported on his interview with High Peak Radio. He had used the opportunity to promote the High Peak Walking Festival and the work of VNM.


  • Date, time and place of next meeting:

3.00 on Monday 31st March at New Mills Heritage Centre.

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