Minutes – 12 January 2015

Minutes of the meeting of Visit New Mills held on Monday 12th January 2015


  • Present:

Barry Bate, Sean Whewell, Mike Daniels, Beth Atkins, Jean Fildes


  • Apologies:

Northe Slack


  • Minutes of the meeting of 15th December:

Were accepted as a true and correct record.


  • Matters Arising:

From 4) Matters, 7) – Contact with DCC. Mike Daniels, Beth Atkins and Jean Fildes reported that they had met with Isobel Mulligan. Topics discussed at the meeting had included parking, pavements, bike racks and Union Road, High Street, Meal Street. Isobel will look into traffic management enforcement issues, the loss of the heritage bike racks, the ‘slippage’ on Meal Street and the need for long term planning. She had clearly stated that ‘pothole work’ had taken precedence in terms of maintenance work.

The needs of shopkeepers to load and unload on Union road had been discussed and it had been noted that there were currently no dedicated loading/ unloading areas for any of the shops.

It was recognised that the principal ‘cost item’ in developing a traffic scheme form the town was officer time.

Isobel will reply concerning the bike racks and the maintenance programme. Beth will forward these minutes to Isobel. Jean repeated the need for the development of a strategy for the town.

From 4)8)2) – Teenage market. Beth had not received the information in order to re-circulate it. Jean reported that she had made enquiries about the status of companies limited by guarantee. She felt that there was a need to protect the individuals within VNM as well as the group as a whole. She will contact Esther Jones of High Peak CVS and ask her to visit VNM again to talk about the status of community groups.

From 8)1) – funding request. Barry reported on subsequent correspondence with the Town Council and the latest reply from the Chair refusing VNMs’ application for funding for the Xmas Lights Switch On.

From 4) – Borough Council Initiative Fund. Sean reported that he had completed an application to Ray Atkins as well as one to Tony Ashton, Alan Barrow and Lance Dowson.


  • Finance update

Sean distributed a current Balance Sheet. He wanted to note that this sheet included £300 (in) from Ray Atkins and items (out) for the Xmas Lights. Total current Assets were £1,340.94 and Total Current Liabilities were £40.68. Total Capital and Reserves were £1,300.26.


  • Website update

Sean felt that the VNM website was now presentable – and Karl could make it live at any time. Reference was made to Karls’ email ‘Website progress report’ of 11th January. A discussion took place on prospects for progress of the site and it was resolved to accept Rebecca Cassidys’ offer of assistance with input to the site. It was resolved that the progress of the website will be a major agenda item for the March meeting.


  • Action plan update

This item was not discussed due to pressure of time. It will be a major agenda item at the next meeting.


  • Any Other Business
  1. Beth reported that the last consultation on Childrens’ Centres had been Phase 3 relating only to Chapel. The previous general consultation had now closed.
  2. Sean reported on an approach from Patty Doran for involvement by VNM in the marketing of the One World Festival. It was resolved that OWF will be invited to meet with VNM to discuss how assistance can be provided.
  • Following discussion it was agreed that the projector which will be purchased to facilitate the cinema for young people will be jointly owned by VNM and Derbyshire Youth Service.



  • Date of next meeting

Monday 16th February 2015 from 3.00 until 5.00 at Westmount.

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