Minutes – 11 November 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Visit New Mills held on 11th November 2013



  • Present:

Barry Bate, Sean Whewell, Mike Daniels, Beth Atkins, Jean Fildes


  • Apologies:

Northe Slack


  • Minutes of the Meeting of 21/10/2013:

As amended (Item 7) were accepted as a true and correct record.


  • Matters arising:



  • Finance Update:

Sean distributed a report. The current balance stood at £824.00. Impending income is £1,600 (Xmas lights), £50 (Torrs), £300 (DCC grant for hire of barrel organ) and an unspecified amount from the Bonfire Collection/ Town Council. Sean has been keeping a separate P&L for the Xmas Fair/ Lights. Jean reminded members that VNM needed to be thorough in its’ financial practices and to be completely clear about where its’ areas of responsibility were. The group involved in the Xmas Fair/ Lights project are: Northe Slack, Lynn Bannister, Sean Whewell, Rob Hawkins, Jeff Lawton, Richard Body and a representative from New Mills Town Council. The group meets weekly at the Torrs.


  • Web Site Update:

Funding Sources progress:

  1. i) (Greenbank Trust) Beth reported that she had not yet heard from the Greenbank Trust.
    1. (Derbyshire Community Foundation) DCF will make a decision in January.

No other funding sources are currently being pursued.


  • Action Plan update:

In pursuance of the meeting on 15th October with HPBC Officers Jo Brookes and Helen Packpahan to discuss planning and policy implications of the VNM draft Action Plan:

  • It was resolved to ask Mike Smith to meet with the group from 2.00 to 3.00 on Friday 6th December – immediately before the next VNM meeting.
  • Barry will ask Alan Barrow, Ian Huddlestone and Tony Ashton (as HPBC councillors) to meet with VNM in January.
  • Barry has written to Jo and Helen thanking them for their time at the meeting in Glossop.

Beth handed round copies of the New Mills Partnership Plan. She outlined the history of the Partnership, its’ relationship to previous HPBC Officers and the way that specific projects had developed. The group considered the Plan, noting that a significant number of items had been completed in the last four years whilst some others were outstanding for a variety of reasons.

Sean will find out who is responsible for updating the information on the touch-screen in the Volunteer Centre.

Jean felt that VNM needed to focus on the ‘gateways’ to New Mills (which were the areas of concern with which VNM began its’ work) and to continue discussions about the THI. She was encouraged that this also matched closely with the environmental improvements that were proposed in the Partnership Plan.


  • Any Other Business:

From the previous meeting:

  1. Sean reported that he had spoken to the One World Festival committee member and was awaiting the outcome of the next Festival Committee meeting.
  2. c) i) Beth reported that she had had conversations with a number of people about the future of the Youth Club building but had not been able to make any progress yet.
  3. ii) Beth reported that meetings about possible restructuring of the local Fire Service will take place soon in Buxton and (possibly) Glossop. There is a consultation document on the Fire Service web site.
  4. d) Jean reported that she and Jill Hulme (representing Spring Bank Arts) had had an initial meeting with Barry (representing the Heritage Centre) to begin discussion on a possible ‘Plaque Trail’ for New Mills.
  5. e) Sean enquired if anyone knew about footfall data for visits to New Mills. The main source seemed to be visitor numbers at the Heritage Centre and (possibly) passenger numbers from the railway stations.
  6. f) Sean reported that the next Peaks Walking Festival will take place in April and May 2014 and that several events will be based in New Mills.
  7. g) Mike reminded members about the special Walkers are Welcome meeting at the Heritage Centre on 15th November at 2.30.


  • Date, time and place of next meeting:

2.00 on Friday 6th December at Seans’ house.

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