Minutes – 1 June 2015

Minutes of the meeting of Visit New Mills held on 1st June 2015


1)  Present:

Barry Bate, Northe Slack, Beth Atkins, Sean Whewell


2)  Apologies:

Mike Daniels


3)  Minutes of the meeting of 11/05/2015:

Were accepted as a true and correct record.


4)  Matters Arising:

From 3) – Meeting with Dai Larner. Barry reported that Dai Larner had responded to the meeting record sent to him – and had corrected two small spelling mistakes. Otherwise he was happy with the accuracy of the record.

From 4)4)5) – Derbyshire Foundation Evaluation system. Following brief discussion it was agreed that this item would be postponed and become an Agenda Item at the next meeting.

From 4) – Review. It was agreed that the statements about what work VNM does will be placed on both the website and the Facebook page:

  1. VNM is a transmitter of information, not a creator.
  2. VNM reserves the right to edit information sent to it by others before transmission in order to ensure that no offence is caused.
  3. VNM transmits information in a chronological order across short time-frames. Information will be processed once only and not on a repeated basis in multiple formats.
  4. VNM is run entirely by volunteers. As such it has a limited resource base. It operates from a basis of equity and non-political equal access to resources for all community groups. It reserves the right to refuse service if any group is attempting to monopolise the resources of VNM.


5) Finance Update

Sean reported that 13 Pub Quizzes had now been held. So far they had raised £2,058.37 for local charities. They are now established on a weekly basis.

The current account is in credit by £4,860.47.


6) Web Site Update

There had been 11,666 page views in the past 90 days with 4,466 registered total users.

There are now 62 entries in the Business Directory.

Sean expressed concern about a current lack of articles for the web site. Members will give some thought to how additional articles might be generated.


7) Action Plan Update

The Action Plan was discussed and a prioritised list of possible activities drawn from it to share with Dai Larner. In priority order these projects/ activities would be: 1) investigate how the Conservation Area might be developed – especially in regard to its’ possible extension, the rationalisation of a ‘shop front’ project and the upgrading of the marina area, 2) a new set of matching ‘Welcome’ town name signs at suitable entry points (c.f. Chapel) and the renovation of current interpretation boards and town maps, 3) work with the Town Council to significantly improve its’ web site, 4) continue raising funds for the expansion of ‘events lighting’ facilities (for festivals, etc.), 5) continue and enhance support for the activities surrounding the Heritage Centre, 6) examine ways to develop and improve the facility offered by the bus and train stations.


8) Any Other Business

Sean reported that the first of the New Mills micro-breweries would be on-line soon. After discussion it was agreed that VNM will offer to begin promoting them as emergent local businesses.


9) Date of Next Meeting

3.00 on Monday 29th June at Sean’s.

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