Simply Better IT Limited

Simply Better IT Limited
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We get a kick from helping small businesses punch above their weight and challenge the corporates. We bring the technologies designed to help the corporates to the small business sector. Let us help you unleash your potential by having us manage your IT infrastructure.
97 Marsh Lane
New Mills
SK22 4PP
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Managed Services – what is it, and why with us?

Managed Services is a broad suite of activities an IT support company can provide for your business. It allows IT specialists to be pro-active in giving you a better IT infrastructure, so you can get on with unleashing your business potential.

The services include:

* Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
* Patching Windows and 3rd Party applications
* Managed Anti-virus and Anti-Malware
* Email & data storage management and backups
* Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions (BDR)
* Cyber security and other IT training
* Centralised and secure documentation of setup
* Preparing for Cyber Essentials accreditation

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