Peak Design Creations

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PDC is a small wood carving business.
creating beautiful art using up-cycled materials.
New Mills
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Peak Design Creations is a one-woman operation. I am a wood artist creating gifts from up-cycled materials. Based in the Peak District, I use my beautiful surroundings to inspire creations that people of all ages will love.

Looking after the environment is important to me and my brand hence why I wanted to base PDC around up-cycling, knowing and caring where my materials come from.

Small is good. Individual is good. It’s just me and that’s ok. Making a small number of pieces, each with love, care and attention to detail - from the first piece of wood carved to the last bit of varnishing. My two hands do everything. I like that my smallness means that I can be personal and personable in all that I do. I am small (I am actually, I’m only 5.2”) I am friendly and I care.

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